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Welcome to CHANCE

Today, humanity faces this reality – the environment is broken most of which is a result of negative human impact on the health (loss of biodiversity) of our world's ecosystems.

CHANCE (Connecting Humans and Nature through Conservation Experiences) is an accredited environmental education and engaged scholarship program, whose overarching goal is to teach conservation biology and global sustainability at the frontline. To do this, CHANCE creates unique learning environments which include international field courses and online research modules that immerse its participants, students and teachers, in real-world research and conservation efforts.

The ultimate goal of CHANCE is to prepare global-minded citizens who understand the importance of restoring and protecting the biodiversity of our planet's ecosystems, and who are willing to address the challenges of our time such as energy, air, food, water, and climate change through their efforts.

Since ecosystems cross national borders, CHANCE strives to view, and to define sustainable answers for, environmental realities from a global perspective.

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CHANCE is expanding our community conservation efforts and we need your help! As part of our international field courses, we assist with reforestation efforts and turtle rookery preservation efforts. Your donations will go towards purchasing saplings for participants to plant or materials to build turtle nest protective enclosures.

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CHANCE Newswire

29 September 2016
A photo collage of climate change scenarios
August Marks Ongoing Trend of Record-breaking Heat for the Globe
Put away your party hats: August marks a not-so-sweet 16 months of record warmth for the globe, the longest such streak in 137 years.
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09 September 2016
A toxic algae bloom along the shore of Lake Erie.
20 States Suffer From Toxic Algae, And We’re Doing Little To Stop It
Thick, massive cakes of smelly green toxic algae bubbled up along beaches and rivers in South Florida’s coastal communities this summer. It was so serious, authorities declared a state of emergency.
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06 September 2016
Illustration of Ocean Conveyor Belt
How Climate Change Could Jam The World's Ocean Circulation
Scientists are closely monitoring a key current in the North Atlantic to see if rising sea temperatures and increased freshwater from melting ice are altering the “ocean conveyor belt” — a vast oceanic stream that plays a major role in the global climate system.
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06 September 2016
Photo Credit: Getty Images
How did China save the giant panda?
The giant panda, a global icon has just been taken off the endangered list, largely due to Chinese conservation efforts. But how exactly did they do it?
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Field Courses

Image of Cuba's coastlineCuba 2018 Field Course
New dates to be announced

Due to the changing nature of travel conditions, and in an effort to visit the sea turtle rookeries during their active period in Cuba, we have made the hard decision to postpone this new program until 2018.

This CHANCE field program, Cuba - Environmental Protection, Resource Management and the Sustainability of a Developing Nation, is an immersive research and conservation journey in western Cuba. It is a collaboration between The Pennsylvania State University, Cuba Marine Research & Conservation Program - a project of the Ocean Foundation, and Center for Marine Research (CIM) of the University of Havana, and is comprised of an online education and an international field course. Participants will evaluate the biodiversity of both terrestrial and marine protected habitats, the exploitation of environmental resources, and the policies and practices needed to enhance both Cuba’s current and future needs to sustain its natural ecosystems. The conservation efforts for this session include working in a sea turtle rookery and removal of invasive species.

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Costa Rica & Panama advertisementCosta Rica 2016 Field Course
July 3-17, 2016

We are excited to once again collaborate with the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)/La Selva on this program in Costa Rica. This international program, Conservation Biology and Sustainability of Select Tropical Ecosystems, is comprised of a spring 2016 online course and a summer 2016 field course. Participants will work side-by-side select field scientists in Costa Rica whose research focus are in areas of tropical rain forest ecology and environmental science in the wake of climate change realities. The conservation efforts for this session include working in a sea turtle rookery and assisting with reforestation efforts.

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Meet Our Newest Sponsor

O2 emc LogoCHANCE would like to recognize its newest sponsor, O2 emc, a company focused on developing and owning large scale ground-mounted solar power plants in the Southeast United States. Each solar project is developed to maximize profitability for investors, work opportunities for local contractors, as well as training and educational opportunities for local residents.

O2 emc has developed more than 80 Megawatts of solar farms in North Carolina which generate more power than almost 12,000 average US homes consume, offsetting harmful emissions that would have been produced if the same amount of power were generated by burning fossil fuels. In total, O2 emc has developed more than $250 million in investment. http://www.o2emc.com/about-o2-emc

O2 emc leverages an in-depth understanding of state energy policy, existing energy infrastructure, and project ownership and tax structuring, combined with relationships with utilities to develop successful and profitable turnkey solar power plants.

CHANCE thanks O2 emc for its recent donation to our Trees and Turtles Conservation fund. Their donation will support our reforestation and turtle rookery efforts in Costa Rica this summer.

Follow CHANCE on Facebook to see the conservation efforts in action this July 3-17.

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Featured Video

CHANCE in China

Students from Penn State University, Jiangnan University and Nanjing University spent 17 days in China in July 2015 exploring the Yangtze River watershed and helping each other to become conservationists.

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CHANCE Fellows

24 August 2016
Photo of Dorothy, a CHANCE 2014 Fellow

Dorothy Mwambazi, CHANCE 2014 Fellow, graduated with a bachelors degree in environmental engineering from Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China. She has just been accepted into a Young Expert Program (Agrofood) carried out jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands, Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. She will be employed under the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature Zambia. Her work will involve, but not be limited to, providing expert knowledge in conservation agriculture, supporting climate smart technologies in marginal areas, demonstrating the environmental and social impact of WWF Zambia’s climate smart agriculture initiatives, as well as serving as a liaise officer between WWF Zambia Conservation Agriculture team and local experts. You are bettering the world, Dorothy!!!

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Resources For Educators

29 September 2016
US Environmental Protection Agency logo
New EPA Climate Education Resources

Do you know what climate change means for your state? Are you trying to help your students understand what climate change will mean for their communities? Explore new factsheets on how climate change will impact each of the 50 states, Guam and Puerto Rico!

Do your students know how climate change can impact the health of people around us? Explore the connection between climate change and human health with factsheets and a quiz.

Find these EPA climate education resources »

Need more? Promote climate literacy with education resources from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Delve into the carbon cycle, climate monitoring, climate change impacts, and seasonal change with free lesson plans, videos, and activities.
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14 September 2016
World of 7 Billion Video Contest
Student filming Back by popular demand, the World of 7 Billion student video contest can help you bring technology and creativity into your high school and middle school classes. The contest challenges students to create a short (60 seconds or less) video illustrating the connection between world population growth and one of three global challenges: climate change, ocean health, or rapid urbanization. Students can win up to $1,000 and their teachers will receive free curriculum resources. The contest deadline is February 23, 2017.

*All videos must include a) how population growth impacts the issue, and b) at least one idea for a sustainable solution.

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Resources For Students

29 September 2016
Campus RainWorks Challenge: Register Now
EPA logoEPA is calling for entries in the annual Campus Rainworks Challenge, a green infrastructure design competition for undergraduate and graduate students. Using their campuses as labs, teams develop green infrastructure systems to reduce stormwater pollution and build resilience to climate change. The first place team in each design category will receive a student prize of $2,000 to be divided evenly among the team and a faculty prize of $3,000.

Registration closes September 30, 2016. Entries must be completed and submitted by December 16, 2016.
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14 September 2016
AIBS LogoConservation Careers Webinar Video
A recording of a recent webinar on careers in conservation and environmental biology is now available online. The event was part of the American Institute for Biological Science (AIBS) Leadership in Biology webinar series, sponsored by Burk Inc. Hear from individuals who have built successful conservation careers in non-profit, federal agency, and university settings.
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07 September 2016
Science360 News logo
Science360 News Service
Discover, share and discuss the latest science news and multimedia from around the world with NSF Science360 News. Brought to you by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the editors of Science360 gather breaking STEM news from wherever science is happening, including: directly from scientists, college and university, dozens of science and engineering centers and from peer-reviewed journals. You can subscribe to the daily edition of NSF Science360 News.
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07 September 2016
Feed, Nourish, Thrive
Organization logo This campaign website and portal helps high school and college students currently making decisions about their future explore various interesting and fulfilling careers in food and agriculture. By engaging with the site, and delving into its interactive resources, young people can learn that careers in food and agriculture that can help to sustainably feed the 9 billion people that will be on the Earth by 2050. They’ll also learn that food and agriculture jobs make great careers, and pay well!
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06 September 2016
Environmental Science logo
Start Planning Your Career as an Environmental Scientist Today
EnvironmentalScience.org is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about starting your career as an environmental scientist. This site offers information on all aspects of becoming and working as an environmental scientist, including:

  • Average Environmental Science Salaries for different professions
  • Common Work Environments
  • Completing Education Requirements
  • Finding the Right College Program
  • Environmental Scientist Job Possibilities

Environmental scientists have rewarding, challenging, and well-paying careers that offer excellent opportunities for growth and advancement. With the resources provided by EnvironmentalScience.org, you can begin your journey towards earning a degree in Environmental Science and following the career of your dreams.
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